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I am so grateful to feel such
happiness and fulfillment
with what I do,
to be able to create a photograph
that evokes emotion,
to meet such great people,
to share unforgettable moments.

It is my art.

It is my passion.

I hope you enjoy my work 
as much as I enjoy creating it.

Samantha's Studio Photography
Samantha's Studio Photography, Wedding Photography

I have five amazing kids
and a loving husband.
I am so very blessed.

Since 2010.

Let's start from the beginning. My college degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic design. In college, I took numerous photography courses because, obviously, I love photography. Side note: I grew up playing soccer and continued to play soccer throughout college, division one. Playing at a higher level really helped me hone in my sense of work ethic and drive to always be better. Also, that’s probably why I am able to offer up to 14 hours on a wedding day. :) After college I immediately started working a desk job as a graphic designer, but that was very short-lived. I knew behind a desk was not the lifestyle I wanted to live. I decided to quit my job and seek out freelance graphic design jobs as well as continuing to coaching soccer, which I still do both to this day. This is also when I decided to start my photography business, Samantha’s Studio. I wasn’t sure exactly where it would take me, but I just knew I had to try. I have grown to absolutely love what I do and the people I get to work with. Yes, my lifestyle is pretty crazy right now. I have 5 young kids who I take care of during the day, photo sessions and coaching in the evenings, desk work at night. It's hard, however I don't want to give up any of these things that I love. My husband Dave plays a huge role helping make all this possible and I'm very grateful for his help and patience with me.


I have been offering lifestyle portrait sessions since 2010. After gaining experience and confidence, I then began to shoot weddings in 2012. I am always looking to grow and challenge myself to offer meaningful and unforgettable portraits for my clients. I look forward to seeing what the future brings!


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